Gambling profits reliance threats increasing

Federal government in B.C. has a severe gambling dependency.


That’s corrosive for segments of the population that chronically wager their families finances on the pledge of simple money. It’s likewise harming to the integrity of government finances when it becomes increasingly reliant on revenue source that’s economically damaging for some members of the public.

Consider that earnings from commercial gambling in B.C. struck $2.7 billion in 2013-14. Down at numerous city halls, the gambling income numbers are also significant.

A February provincial federal government press release, on the other hand, promoted the distribution of $24.5 million in video gaming grants to benefit people in need. That’s excellent news for gambling-grant recipients. But the bad news for the growing number of people getting associated with gambling is that federal government dependence on gambling revenue is subtly accelerating promotion of gaming on many fronts, especially in sporting events, both live and in virtual formats. According to the 2014 B.C. Problem Gambling Prevalence Study for the Ministry of Finance’s gaming policy and enforcement branch, gamblers participation enhanced in nine out of 12 gambling classifications compared to a similar research performed in 2008.

While the province’s gambling industry has actually recently formed the BC Gaming Industry Association to polish its public image and lobby for expanded venues and gambling chances, far too little is being bought attending to the unfavorable social fallout from the spread of gambling, especially within more youthful demographics by means of the Internet.

As revenue from energy, commodities and other foundational sectors of B.C.’s economy continues to diminish, federal government temptation to enhance profits from sources such as gambling continues to grow.

That’s a possible growth of a dependency that neither federal government nor gamblers in this province can afford to ignore.